Our History

Sound & Images was established in 1981 and quickly became the leader of audiovisual solutions in the Midlands! Over the last four decades, we have grown beyond video production to offer any related services you need to successfully capture the sounds and images of your company or event — from lighting, stage dressing, and event management all the way to corporate A/V installations.

Our services

No two businesses or events are the same, and neither are their audiovisual needs. We work closely with you to understand your facilities and audience base and to provide the right A/V solutions for helping your services run smoothly and efficiently.

From a single sound system to an entire overhaul of your business to incorporate a state-of-the-art integration system, our team ensures that you have exactly what you need to be heard loud and clear.

We don’t let poor lighting ruin your event experience! We hook you up with the most advanced lighting technologies and techniques to optimize your event production.

Having an experienced AV team on site is the best decision you can make before hosting your next event! From coordinating with the venue hosts to ensuring all processes run smoothly, we pride ourselves on taking the attendee experience to new levels.

Speakers, microphones, monitors, projectors, videoconferencing equipment… We design commercial A/V systems with tailored technology to improve your corporate spaces — from lobbies to conference rooms.

A/V solutions are not all about hi-tech, custom-built electronics! We also do all the behind-the-scenes work to showcase your commercial/residential installations and events with professional videography.

We bring in TV monitors, microphones, additional speakers, and more to place throughout your venue so that everyone has a front-row seat experience at your event!

We work with the leading manufacturers of pipe & drape materials, including bases, uprights, crossbeams, and fabric drapes, to create temporary walls and exquisite backdrops for indoor and outdoor areas.

Take the guesswork out of your event production with professional-grade staging and scenic design services. Not only do we provide stage equipment, but we also coordinate all the related logistics, from load-in to set-up.

At the touch of a button, we provide recording for events of virtually any type and size. Our team also monitors everything about your event in real time to ensure quality from beginning to end.

We can take any office, athletic venue, place of worship, or even outdoor space and transform it so that you can stream from virtually anywhere!

Our team

We are a solution-oriented team — we’re never afraid to think outside the box and put in the effort to get the job done! Whether from our office or out in the field, our rock stars make sure that the audiovisual solutions we provide for your event, business, or residency are tailored to your unique needs.

Adam Vance

Event Logistics Manager

From boardroom installs to corporate events, we can help you with all your audiovisual needs!

Is it time to upgrade your video conferencing system? Have an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event coming up? Look no further — we are your team! Whatever your vision is, we can turn it into reality with audiovisual solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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